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Om webbplatsens säkerhet


1. Repeated wrong logins

The event of a failed login is logged. If it happens too often from your internet connection you will be asked to enter a combination of random numbers and letters (CAPTCHA) to confirm your identity. If the login still fails the login will be blocked for some time. Eventually your internet connection to the Mitsubishi Automation Website will be blocked for a longer period.

2. CAPTCHA for user emails

If you want to trigger an email from our system to be sent to someone, you will always be asked to enter a CAPTCHA.

3. Password reset

If you forget your password you can reset it. Read more in Hur återställer jag mitt lösenord?

4. Parallel login

For security reasons, the following warning message will appear, if the system reports parallel logins.

5. Parallel forms and actions

The same form or the same action from the same page can only be submitted once. If it is submitted a second time an error page is displayed. If this happens too often your account will be blocked for some time.

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